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Rooms & Layout

Lartington Hall has an exceptionally large and beautiful ground floor space, which means you have lots of choice and flexible options for your ceremony, dining, dancing, relaxing and milling time! 

There is also a lovely flow between the rooms and we rarely have to ask guests to leave a room in order to re set it for another activity – you just move seamlessly from  one space to another - perfect!

At Lartington, every room including our bedrooms, have the most elegant fabrics and furnishings from Britain's top designers such as Nina Campbell, Mulberry Home, Colefax & Fowler and Jane Churchill. Surrounded by sumptuous decor, you can style your wedding to make it completely unique to you - whether you go for quintessentially English, retro, vintage, shabby chic, faded romance or the countless other styling options, it works with our amazing interiors with a fantastic end result. We can help with styling too - all part of the service!